Now small shops & hawkers can provide Online Offers Ads...

Internet has brought unimaginable boom to the buying and selling market. Unlike earlier, now maximum business is going online and trying their level best to influence consumers with fabulous online offers. Online shopping spree is currently advancing at a rapid pace and more and more consumers are relying on their services for buying or selling. From buying electronics to vegetables and groceries, e-commerce business has spread its wings and contributing a lot towards the growth of e-commerce.

But just like every coin has two sides, the rapid growth of e—commerce and trend of driving consumers towards online shopping trend is poorly affecting the road side shops and local bazaar. These small business owners have limited resources and reaching out to local consumers through brick and mortar store is their basis of doing business. These local market entrepreneurs neither have information nor resources to mark their business presence online offer or Ads and reach out to consumers. When stand in comparison to e-commerce, these local bazar is suffering immensely, and their pain needs to be understood and worked upon earlier to let them stand firmly on their business and run their families.

Impact of Online Shops on Local Market

• Due to the presence of online shops and big markets going online, small road side shops are experiencing less turn-over. This cash flow is missing in local areas and they are having bad days

• Online offers and discounts are quite appealing and local offers are not highly beneficial and driving to the consumers. The reason is obvious, online shops have not to bear the expense of brick and mortar shops.

• Unlike online shops, small local shops do not offer or online Ads for variety of stocks due to fear of loss of left goods at the end of the year.

• E-commerce has better opportunity to advertise and reach out to maximum consumers, but small shops are limited to local shopping only.

• Online window shopping has better chance of attracting buyers in comparison to local stores.

Internet is truly a blessing to the life of all, but e-commerce is somewhere extremely having bad effect on small business. Online business is dragging the pleasure from lives of many labours and its high time to protect these small shops from getting vanished and missing from the society. To rescue small business from the paws of online shopping and online markets, an innovation has been done.

We proud Indians have developed "Kuchh Kare" mobile app to empower small & road side shops to attract customers by online local offers”.

This app is developed to help small business, shops & hawkers revive their position in comparison with the online shopping industry and stand firmly.

Jai Hind - Kuchh kare