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Do you know every day approximately 180 children go missing in India? While the statics may be heartbreaking, what’s more astounding is the fact that 2 out of every 3 missing children are never found. The wait for the children, who have gone missing, can be seen clearly in the eyes of the parents. There is a turmoil of emotions varying from agony to hope for those whose loved ones have gone missing.

Once a Supreme Court bench who was angered over the 1.7 lakhs missing children, “Nobody seems to really care about all the children who have gone missing and this is the irony of the country.”

While the state is equally bad in every city of the country, Maharashtra is one of the worst states in terms of missing children. In the past few years, more than 60,000 kids have disappeared. Moreover, all the states of India have often reported more number of missing girls than boys. What’s shocking is that in a majority of states, the number of missing girls almost doubles the number of boys.

Experts have also revealed that children who go missing from the rural or urban area can often end up being pushed into a racket or abused. What’s worse is that there is no law and order in the country that focus on tracing missing people. Although Indian Government portal is also available to help missing persons but we are trying to help in diffrent way. We are not only talking about children but about adults as well. So, what can be done here?

We at Kuch Kare have the same dream as yours to keep you and your loved ones safe. We have designed India’s number one mobile application to help find missing people. Under the social service section, people can be found or if someone is missing, you can report them too. We aim at addressing various issues related to missing people in the country. We are trying to help you for many ways & missing people search is one of tham. Come & Let's do something, work & help and be a part of the kuchh kare family.

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