Labour Facing Toilet Problems in India

It is being four years since, Swachha Bharat (Clean India) Movement was organised by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, in 2014 to achieve the target of eliminating open defecation system, but our country seems to fail the target. Even after never-ending effort and right strategies, with millions of investments, attaining an India where open defecation is removed is far away.

India has turned and changed beautifully considering a positive life but fails in achieving a green and clean country tag just due to poor toilet system. Open defecation is a practice that India has been following and with the combined effort of hygienic sanitation schemes and the demand for it is the remedy that can pull the issue and eradicate from the depth.

Challenges faced by Labour in accordance of Toilet Hygiene

Lack of access to sanitation to rural areas is nearly 70% and labour who are living near workplaces are facing this issue to the core. Neither government toilet construction scheme nor employers provide them with hygienic sanitation facility and this is the cause of increasing health issues. Labours usually work for daily wages and move places to places and live near the site under tents or impermanent houses. Though they are given the facility of shade over-head, they have no facility of defecation and thus left with no choice than to choose a lonely place and attend nature's call.

Lack of toilet buildings at the site is the basic cause that leads to open defecation and rise of various illnesses. Labourers many a time live in an entirely remote area for their job where no basic facilities are present, and this group of people faces severe problems. Eradication of open defecation is a mission where missing toilet are given their required place and society is enlightened enough to understand the importance of using it and staying away from various illness and sometimes fatal diseases. It is true that out of 1 in every 10 persons in India die away due to poor hygienic conditions.

Joint Effort as Remedy to Eliminate Labour Defecation Problem

Lack of proper hygiene takes away life and we have reached to a state where poor sanitation is no more accepted. Labourers have the right to live in a hygienic condition at the working site and the employer must take necessary steps to resolve this issue finding suitable solutions. Swaccha Bharat Mission is a movement that is impossible to achieve only through officials' effort. There is need to take necessary measures for each of us to attain a clean and hygienic India where open defecation was a past.

To resolve the deep problem of open defecation and finding the near-by toilets, we are into a venture to develop an app that can prove to be as a fruitful step towards public sanitation. Our app is dedicated to all people who are in search of a near-by toilet location. Users can upload the location where as find the right and close toilet building. We aim to provide an easy access to find the close toilet and hopefully our step succeed in bringing Swachha Bharat Movement a step ahead.

Jai Hind - Kuchh kare